Source:Renumbered from existing tram (258) in 1968
Fate:Stored as part of the NEETT Fleet at North East Land Sea and Air Museum
Owner:North Eastern Electrical Traction Trust

Tram Details

Class Details

Built: 1933 - 35
Builder: English Electric, Preston
Capacity: 84 - 94 seated (varies per fleet member)
Numbered: 237 - 263 (now 700 - 726)
Trucks: EE Equal wheel bogies, 4ft 9 inch wheelbase
Motors: EE 305 HP 57 x 2
Controllers: EE Z6
Top Speed: approx 35 MPH
Braking: Westinghouse air wheel, rheostatic 8 notches, hand- wheel
Current Collector: Pantograph or Trolley Pole

As Balloon 258
1935Built by English Electric
1958Balloons allowed to run to Fleetwood again.
1968Renumbered as 721
As Balloon 721
1968Renumbered from existing tram (258)
1998Mini-overhaul completed and Michelin Tyres advert livery applied
2004Michelin adverts removed.
2009Sold to North East Land Sea and Air Museum

Models of Tram

OO Corgi Model 43513

OO Corgi Model OM43511/1

OO Corgi Model OM43511/2

Models of Class

OO/HO Card Kit
by Pete Watson