EE Boat
Source:Renumbered from existing tram (235) in 1968
Fate:Exported and Operational at National Capital Tramway Museum
Owner:National Capital Tramway Museum

Tram Details

Class Details

Built: 1934-35
Built by: English Electric, Preston
Seats: Swing over Seats
Capacity: 56
Motors: EE 327 HP 40 x 2
Controllers: EE Z6
Braking: Westinghouse air-wheel, rheostatic, hand wheel
Current Collector: Trolley

As EE Boat 235
1934Built by English Electric
1968Renumbered as 606
As EE Boat 606
1968Renumbered from existing tram (235)
1988Exhibited at the Glasgow Garden Festival
2000Sold to Trolleyville Museum in Ohio
2010Started in use and the National Capital Trolley Museum in Washington DC

Models of Class

OO/HO Card Kit
by Pete Watson