Coronation Car
Source:Renumbered from existing tram (324) in 1968
Fate:Stored as part of the C Fleet at Rigby Road
Owner:Blackpool Transport Services Ltd / Blackpool Heritage Trust

Tram Details

Class Details

Built: 1952/53
Built by: Charles Roberts, Horbury
Trucks: Maley & Taunton H.S.44 equal-wheel bogie, resillient wheels, 6ft wheelbase with braking discs
Motors: Crompton Parkinson C.92x4 45 Horsepower (4 motors)
Controller: Crompton Parkinson "VAMBAC" accelerator and braking
Braking: Remote Control rheostatic, magnetic track brakes, air / hand brakes.
Current Collection: Trolley pole
Dimensions: Length 50 ft, width 7ft 11 inches, height 10ft
Seating for 56, swing over seats

As Coronation Car 324
1953Built by Charles Roberts
1968Renumbered as 660
As Coronation Car 660
1968Renumbered from existing tram (324)
Stored as part of the C Fleet

Models of Class

OO/HO Card Kit
by Pete Watson


Tram image courtesy of James Millington.