EE Railcoach Series 2
Source:Rebuild of existing tram (679) in 2008
Fate:Stored as part of the C Fleet at Rigby Road
Owner:Fylde Transport Trust

Tram Details

Class Details

Built: 1933-34 (series1) and 1935 (Series 2)
Built By: English Electric, Preston
Trucks: English Electric equal-wheel bogies, 4ft wheelbase
Motors: English Electric 305 57 Horse Power (2 on each tram)
Controllers : E.E. Z4 (Series1) , E.E. Z6 (Series 2)
Braking: Westinghouse Air Wheel, hand wheel and rhetostatic
Current Collection: Trolley
Length: 43ft 3 inches
Seating: 48

As EE Railcoach Series 2 279
1935Built by English Electric
1960Rebuilt as Twin Motor Car (279)
As Twin Motor Car 279
1960Rebuild of existing tram (279)
1968Renumbered as 679
As Twin Motor Car 679
1968Renumbered from existing tram (279)
2004-11-29Withdrawn from service
2008Rebuilt as EE Railcoach Series 2 (279)
As EE Railcoach Series 2 279
2008Rebuild of existing tram (679)
2013-10Returned to Rigby Road

Models of Class

OO/HO Card Kit
by Pete Watson


Tram image courtesy of James Millington.