Flexity 2
Source: Built by Bombardier in 2011
Fate:Operational as part of the A Fleet at Starr Gate
Owner:Blackpool Council

Tram Details

Class Details

Built: 2011
Built by: Bombadier
Seating: 74 seats, fixed
Trucks: Equal Wheel, resiliant wheels, track brakes
Motors: 163hp x4
Speed 43.5mph
Braking: Electronic braking and Track Braking
Current Collection: Pantograph
Dimensions: Length 105ft 8 in, width 8 ft, 8 in, height: 11ft 3 in

As Flexity 2 002
2011Built by Bombardier
2011-12-16Delivered to Starr Gate
2012-04-05Entered Service
2012-05-12Returned to Bombardier at Bautzen
2012-12Displayed and Innotrans in Berlin
2013Returned to Blackpool
2016-05-10Collision with car at Larkholme Lane
Operational as part of the A Fleet

Models of Class

OO/HO Card Kit
by Pete Watson