Fleetwood Box
Source:Renumbered from existing tram (5) in 1960
Fate:Operational as part of the C Fleet at Rigby Road
Owner:National Tramway Museum Society

Tram Details

Class Details

As Fleetwood Box 40
1914Built by Fleetwood and Blackpool company
1920Renumbered as 115
As Ex Fleetwood Box 115
1920Renumbered from existing tram (40)
1937-10Withdrawn from passenger service
1937Renumbered as 5
As Works Car 5
1937Renumbered from existing tram (115)
1960-03Taken to workshop to return to passenger condition
1960Rebuilt as Fleetwood Box (40)
As Fleetwood Box 40
1960Renumbered from existing tram (5)
1960-06-29Began working Anniversary services
1963-01Anniversary services end
1963-10Moved to Crich Tramway
1982Moved to Heaton Park
1988Return to Blackpool
1991Moved to Crich Tramway
1995Returned to Backpool on long term loan
2016-05-02Filmed scenes for Great British Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo
Operational as part of the C Fleet


40 at Fleetwood Ferry
(28th January 2017)