Illuminated Trawler
Source:Renumbered from existing tram (633) in 2008
Fate:Operational as part of the C Fleet at Rigby Road
Owner:Blackpool Transport Services Ltd / Blackpool Heritage Trust

Tram Details

Class Details

As Brush Railcoach 296
1937Built by Brush
1940Transferred to Bispham depot to work the Noth Station to Fleetwood route.
1963Transferred to Rigby Road to work the Starr Gate to Fleetwood route.
1968Renumbered as 633
As Brush Railcoach 633
1968Renumbered from existing tram (296)
1976Received a major overhaul.
1982Became the Worlds First Post Office Tram
1985Became the Kodiak Tram
1997Withdrawn for a major overhaul
2001Chosen to become the Illuminated Trawler and moved into the workshop
2001Rebuilt as Illuminated Trawler (633)
As Illuminated Trawler 633
2001Renumbered from existing tram (633)
2001-09Illuminated Trawler Launched
2008Renumbered as 737
As Illuminated Trawler 737
2008Renumbered from existing tram (633)
2014Withdrawn for overhaul
2015Talks entered to rebuild tram
2016Trawler relaunched
2016-10Returned to service
Operational as part of the C Fleet