Jubilee Car
Source:Rebuild of existing tram (714) in 1982
Fate:Operational as part of the Crich Fleet at National Tramway Museum Crich
Owner:National Tramway Museum Society

Tram Details

Class Details

Built: 1979 (761) and 1982 (762)
Built by: Blackpool Corporation
Trucks: Blackpool Transport 5ft 6in wheelbase and metalistic suspension
Motors: EE 305 Horsepower 57 x2
Controllers: Brush Chopper Controls
Braking: Chopper controls, air braking, hand wheel
Current Collection: Pantograph

As Balloon 251
1935Built by English Electric
1958Balloons allowed to run to Fleetwood again.
1968Renumbered as 714
As Balloon 714
1968Renumbered from existing tram (251)
1971Withdrawn for rebuild
1982Rebuilt as Jubilee Car (762)
As Jubilee Car 762
1982Rebuild of existing tram (714)

Models of Tram

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