Source:Rebuild of existing tram (753) in 2013
Fate:Stored as part of the C Fleet at Rigby Road
Owner:Fylde Transport Trust

Tram Details

Class Details

Built: 1923-1929
Builder: Blackpool Corporation Transport / Hurst Nelson (Motherwell)
Seating Capacity: 78
Controllers: BTH B510
Motors: BTH B510
Trucks: Preston McGuire Equal Wheel Bogies
Current Collector: Trolley

As Standard 143
1924Built by Blackpool Corporation Transport
1957Withdrawn and converted for work use
1957Rebuilt as Overhead Line Car (3)
As Overhead Line Car 3
1957Rebuild of existing tram (143)
1986Renumbered as 753
As Overhead Line Car 753
1986Renumbered from existing tram (3)
1990Withdrawn following a fire
2003Passed to Lancastrian Transport Trust
2013-10Joined Heritage Fleet for restoration as Standard 143
2013Rebuilt as Standard (143)
As Standard 143
2013Rebuild of existing tram (753)
Stored as part of the C Fleet

Models of Class

N Gauge Model of 147
by Ocford Diecast