Norbury Wharf Day Boat Hire

Tuesday September 9th, 2008

    A day out from the pub on the Victory, a 32 foot Day Boat on hire from Norbury Wharf.

    Best have some shots of the boat then:

    And of the Motley Crew:

Alan, Kev, Jeff, Steve, Big Dave, Tiny Trudi, Captain Black Beard (Tony), Little Debbie and Mel.

Big Debbie was holding the camera, so she gets a photo all to herself:

    With Captain Blackbeard in charge, all are in safe hands.

    Obigatory photos looking forward:

"Oi! No phones!"

"Thank you!"

Crew hide as Tony launches into a lecture about Roving Bridges.

    More pics:

Alan and Trudi, who are no longer with us.